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Clinical / counseling psychologist

Cape Town, West-Kaap, Zuid-AfrikaThe Grange, Kaapstad


The Grange Treatment Centre is looking for a talented psychologist who is registered with the HPCSA to join our team in Simon's Town, Cape Town.

About The Grange

The Grange Treatment Center is a branch in South Africa from the Dutch mother company Changes GGZ and provides specialized mental health care (SGGZ) for people with an addiction. The Grange Treatment Centres strives to achieve a delivery of sustained client recovery by a multidisciplinary team that is committed to “excellence”. A positive attitude is implemented in which the Grange Treatment Centres helps to use the strengths and qualities of the clients to empower them, with the aim of a permanent recovery of addiction problems. The Grange Treatment Centres is a relatively young organization, containing an innovative and refreshing approach that considers all the possibilities.

As a Clinical/Counseling Psychologist you work within an enthusiastic and driven multidisciplinary team with a psychiatrist, clinical psychologists, social workers, nursing team and recovery assistants.

Job description

- Perform both individual and group treatment for individuals with a substance use disorder according to the Companies’ therapeutic program;

- Assist clients in gaining insight and facilitating emotional, cognitive and behavioural changes to ensure on-going recovery from their addiction;

- Facilitate family sessions through Skype;

- Attend and actively participate in a weekly clinical meeting to discuss and evaluate the treatment process;

- Be prepared to contribute to the promotion of expertise and treatment offered by the Compay;

- Justify working hours by reporting in Medicore and take care of other administrative work arising from the position.


Job requirements

- Masters qualification in clinical or counseling psychology that allows registration with the HPCSA

- At least 3 years experience, post community service working in an Addiction Treatment Centre

- Strong clinical skills, including the ability to work with co-morbid/dual diagnosis patients

- Knowledge of Motivational Interviewing, CBT, DBT and family based therapies

- Good interpersonal skills and boundaries

- Ability to work in a de-escalating way

- Honest, trustworthy and good self-reflection skills

- Self-directed and flexible in meeting the needs of administration and management

- Ability to demonstrate sensitivity to cultural diversity and workplace harmony

- Strong organisational and time-management skills

- Excellent written and verbal communication skills

- Strong computer skills required.

Please send cover letter together with your resume to our General Manager: Charline Miles,

Cape Town, West-Kaap, Zuid-Afrika
The Grange, Kaapstad


Cape Town, West-Kaap, Zuid-Afrika
The Grange, Kaapstad